GENERAL TLS-Design No.: 30011-00 Doc1 Status 20.04.2017 MAIN DATA Length (over all) 139.20 m Length (between PP) 136.20 m Breadth (moulded) 21.00 m Depth (main deck) 10.80 m Draught (design) 7.50 m Draught (max) 8.00 m Dead weight (design) 10,000 dwt Dead weight (max) 11,250 dwt SPEED/ RANGE Operational speed 14.0 kn Top speed 16.0 kn Range (total) 15,000 nm Range (LNG powered) 3,000 nm PROPULSION PLANT Main Engine SMCR 6,850 kW Shaft Genaerator / Motor 1,000 kW CCP CARGO CAPACITIES Bale capacity 13,200 m 3 Total container intake 792 TEU
KEY FEATURES Two (2) box shaped cargo holds (30.5m x 16.0 m x 11.8 m), strengthened for heavy load and bulk stowage. Another two 20ft and 40ft holds Full container capacity on deck and in holds Two (optional 3) 80t wire luffing cranes, hydraulically operated hatch covers Ice classed (DNVGL E4) Excellent manoeuvrability due to bow thruster, CPP and flap rudder Extreme low consumption due to energy saver, optimized hull lines for various speeds and draughts as well as optimized propulsion with ultra-long stroke main engine Forward looking LNG dual-fuel power design, tier III compliant


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