GENERAL TLS-DESIGN No.: 60001 MAIN DATA Length (hull) 165.00 m Length (between PP) 159.00 m Length (over all) 240.00 m Breadth (moulded) 54.00 m Depth (main deck) 11.60 m Draught (design) 6.60 m Draught (scantling) 7.00 m Dead weight (max.) 12000 t Payload (max.) 9000 t Cargo deck area 7000 m² Power plant 25.6 MW Cruising speed 12.0 kn Endurance 45 days / 10000 nm Dynamic positioning system DP 2 Water depth, max. 65 m
KEY FEATURES Exceptional high cargo deck area, therefore minimized transit cycles Highest payload capacity with actual and future cargo (WTG, XL- Monopiles) High accommodation and cruise comfort High operational safety due to redundant power plant and propulsion LNG as fuel optional Robust jacking system with hydraulic pin-in-hole system PAYLOAD PERFORMANCE EXAMPLES 8 x Windturbines 6MW, incl. nacelles, blades/ hubs, towers 7000 t 4 x Jacket foundations 40m water depth for 5MW WTG 7200 t 3 x Jacket foundations 60m water depth for 8MW WTG 8600 t 6 x Monopile foundations 40m water depth for 8MW WTG 8800 t
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: IMS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH


Vorsetzen 50 20459 Hamburg Germany +49(0) 40 . 70 70 76-800
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